• Organ Donation in Alberta

    Posted on May 6, 2014 by in Health, MARK'S REMARKS

    The Calgary Herald on Monday, May 5, 2014 published an editorial entitled ‘Organ donation saves lives, softens dying’. This followed the announcement by the Government of Alberta on April 22, 2014, of the new online Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry

    This government action, initiated by former PC and now independent MLA Len Webber, eases registration of potential donors and life savers through organ and tissue donation. Essential parts of the process are ensuring that the decision-makers in our lives (after we are unable to make decisions) are aware of our transplantation wishes, and before that, the people affected by our deaths should be aware and comfortable with our decision to allow transplantation. The need for action comes at an emotional and potentially distressing time.

    I used to be firmly opposed to transplantation since the outcomes were uncertain and the additional life granted to the recipient would be seriously impaired by the anti-rejection drugs the recipient required. Times have changed; those objections have been overcome, the recipient’s life can be normal. There are many transplantation success stories. In some cases families of strangers have been drawn together through the processes and life afterwards.

    Please use the link to get information about the programme and register to be a donor of life to someone who needs you. Ann and I have talked about this with our families and they are in agreement, and we have registered. Today there are some 4500 people in Canada waiting for a transplant; here’s hoping our donations won’t be called for today, but they are there if needed.

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