The Vitamin Murders

The Vitamin MurdersWho Killed Healthy Eating in Britain? by James Fergusson, Portobello Books, ISBN 978 1 84627 146 5, £8.99. Joanna Blythman wrote ‘An intriguing and thought provoking whodunit that investigates the sinister roots of our 21st-century toxic legacy’. Blythman is a British investigative food journalist, writer and commentator on the British food chain, covering subjects as diverse as salmon farming, supermarkets, intensive pineapple production, bird flu and the causes of obesity.

The publisher’s blurb on the back of the second edition reads ‘How can it be that the British ate better, nutritionally speaking, during the rationing years of WWII than they have since? And how did we get to the point today where each of us has at least 300 man-made chemicals sloshing around inside our bodies, in untested and potentially toxic combinations? To find out how our food came to make us fat rather than healthy, James Fergusson looks back to the scientist who devised the wartime diet and follows a murky trail of industrial espionage, unsolved murder, and commercial greed right onto the plates we set before our families every day’.

This book follows three interwoven threads and is a fascinating read; it is also a cautionary tale for those of us concerned about what we eat and where it comes from.