Sunshine & Vitamin D

Sunshine & Vitamin D – Dr. Oliver Gillie FRSA, Founder of the Health Research Forum, is an ardent proponent of using sunlight as a source of Vitamin D and has written extensively and authoritatively on the subject. We, the public, have been seriously misled into believing that sunlight is harmful whereas the appropriate amount of regular exposure is life-giving and substantially general health-promoting. Gillie’s first major work on the matter is SUNLIGHT ROBBERY: Health benefits of sunlight are denied by current public health policy in the UK. It can be downloaded from here  The information in Sunlight Robbery has been updated by more recent commentaries and reports,  also available through the Health Research Forum.

Vitamin D is crucial in the conversion of calcium and magnesium to bone and without these ingredients in our bodies, osteoporosis may result. Most people can obtain sufficient Vitamin D from adequate regular steady exposure to sunshine or from good quality nutritional supplements. If your digestive system cannot process Vitamin D, possibly because of intestinal surgery removing the relevant portion of the digestive system, natural sunshine or an artificial alternative may be necessary. The benefits of Vitamin D extend far beyond the treatment of Osteoporosis.

Artificial SunshineSolarc Systems Inc. is based in Barrie, Ontario. Solarc makes lamps which emit UV-B light which the body converts to Vitamin D. For those of us living in cold, dark, cloudy climates or well away from the equator, additional Vitamin D is essential to our general health. Some can take tablet-type supplements but the natural (or nearly natural) form of Vitamin D – sunshine – is preferable. Solarc lamps are very different to the type of lamps used in tanning salons!

(Updated 2015 05 09, with thanks to Christine P)