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    For Immediate Release
    August 10, 2015

    CALGARY – Green Party of Alberta Leader Janet Keeping is urging voters in the riding of Calgary – Foothills to elect her as Alberta’s first Green MLA, as a way of adding a necessary, but now missing, perspective to democratic discussion of the province.

    Keeping, who is on the ballot for the September 3rd vote, says, “Electing a Green would diversify and broaden representation in the Legislature. People in Calgary – Foothills and Albertans as a whole would be better served as a result.  With a Green in the Legislature, Albertans, other Canadians and people around the world would know that Alberta’s government includes people who are truly serious about reducing our province’s GHG emissions and cleaning up our oil and gas operations.” With more birds – this time blue herons – dying because oilsands regulations are inadequately regulated, Albertans have further proof that we need a Green in the Legislature.

    Green Party members have recently been elected to the provincial legislatures of British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, and Elizabeth May federal Green Party leader and MP for Saanich – Gulf Islands, is widely respected. Keeping says it’s clear the Greens have a pivotal role to play in the governing of this country.

    According to Keeping, having a Green in the Alberta legislature would also advance social justice issues in the province. “We Greens are committed to social justice which is one of the our six core principles. I would always advocate for greater fairness and a dignified standard of living for low-income and other vulnerable Albertans.”

    Keeping was formerly President of the Sheldon Chumir Ethics in Leadership Foundation and would strive always to bring the highest standards of governance to her work as an MLA. The Alberta Green Party leader emphasized that she would be tireless in the pursuit of a better voting system for the province. “By electing me on September 3rd, the people of Calgary – Foothills would have an MLA to advocate for changing our voting system so that they and all  Albertans can have proportional representation and thus a fairer government.”

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    For more information, please contact:
    Janet Keeping
    Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and
    Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills byelection
    email: leader@greenpartyofalberta.ca
    Phone: 403.383.1356

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