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    Posted on September 17, 2015 by in Climate Change, Politics


    It isn’t often that you see the three words in the heading in the same sentence, without a critical comment.

    Four months after being elected, Alberta’s New Democratic Government published the 57 page  Climate Leadership Discussion Document,  held a couple of ‘open houses’ in Calgary and Edmonton and solicited responses to the information, ideas and thoughts presented. (To download the discussion document, go to the linked page and scroll down to the bottom. Clicking on Read the Discussion Document will download the .pdf to your computer). What a refreshing change after 44 years of so-called Progressive Conservative government that basically denied there was any need to take action to redress the environmental damage done mostly by the energy industry! The document is well worth reading.

    A necessarily brief period was offered for comment, ending this weekend (September 18, 2015), so the government can prepare a position to take at the Conference of the Parties in Paris this fall.

    Having studied Geography at Reading University (which specialised in Climatology, even 50 years ago!) and Town and Country (Community) Planning in Glasgow, then one of the most environmentally polluted cities in Europe, and worked throughout my career under the catchphrase Surely we can do better than this? how could I not respond? My hastily prepared submission went in earlier this week and you can read it (in conjunction with the discussion document) which you can download  here: Climate Change Strategy 2015 09 15

    And just a couple of days later … a fascinating article on DeSmog Canada’s web site entitled Countries Like Canada Planning Dangerously Weak Commitments for Paris Climate Summit: New Analysis which goes into some depth showing how most countries have prepared submissions and proposals which wont do much to resolve Global Warming. I added it to my submission in a supplement which you can download and read from here Climate Change Strategy Supplement 2015 09 18 , however looking at the original article preserves the links to the documents referred to in it.

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